Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lesters' Fixins Ranch Dressing soda, Baumeister Cream soda, Foxon Park Iron Brew

Lester's Fixins Ranch Dressing Soda: I real expected this one to be a guzzler. I was pleasantly surprised. Open the bottle up, slowly bring it oh so close to my nose. I'm not sure what to call the smell. I'd say something like cream soda with spices mixed in. And that's not a very good description. But best I can do. Taste it. Well, its not an all together bad taste. Does not hit the mark of ranch dressing taste. But what it did taste like, I'm really at a loss to put a description into words. It wasn't a bad taste. That's the best I can say. Another one I won't overextend myself to get, but I'll buy some more sometime. Busy picture, sorry. Wanted to get the color of the soda in, and this was the best

Baumeister Cream Soda: Nice drink. Smells honestly, like an alcoholic drink. First taste, there is a kick to it. Drinks very smooth. Pleasant aftertaste. This is another cream soda that succeeds in not being to sweet. Not sure I taste a lot of vanilla in it.  Hasn't that sort of bourbon-y taste that the Natural Brew Cream had. Not sure I'd buy again, but no objections to drinking a bottle given to me. 

I have to do an inventory, but I think I've caught up. Probably come about 2 a time every day or every other day now. Got a bunch to keep me busy (I discovered Rocket Fizz- I'm in trouble). There are also a few more I had when I was at a friend's house, and I wasn't blogging yet, and certainly hadn't kept the bottles long enough to jog my memory. Only one that stands out is Malta India, but I want to give it a better taste before writing about it.

So I'm adding on after inventory. I don't see this one in the blog.

Foxon Park Iron Brew: Wow, um, what to say about this one. Kind of smells like a root beer when you open it, but you also can smell that its not. Tasting, well in has a bite, and leaves you wondering what you just drank. Sort starts off as a root beer, and ends as a cola. I'm not doing the flavor justice. Its very unique. Bottle has nothing on it about being a root beer, cola or what. Also one I'll drink more of, but won't go out of my way to buy it. 

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