Friday, August 30, 2013

The Pop Shoppe Root Beer

The Pop Shoppe start in 1969 in London, Ontario, Canada. It was a bit of an underground soda, no marketing, and selling 24 bottle cases to local stores. Eddie Shack for the National Hockey League eventually became the spokesman for The Pop Shoppe in 1976. There also was a cartoon in the 70's starring Captain Pop.The original company shut down in 1983, but was revived in 2004 by Brian Alger. 2006, Eddie Shack is back as a spokesman. Costco and 7-11 signed on through the 2000's as retailers, and The Pop Shoppe has become a stable international nostalgic soda brand. 

Opening smell worries me, as all I really get is licorice. While there are some licorice undertones to the taste, its a creamy solid root beer taste. Nice balance of flavors. Is some fruit taste to it as well. I'd say a sort of citrus. I'd also say its not quite as heavy as other root beers. Root beers can get very earthy, and leave you feeling the heaviness in your stomach. The Pop Shoppe avoids that. Its good, I'd drink it again, and would buy, but honestly only because its Canadian and has ties to hockey. 

One last note: one of the Pop Shoppe's gimmicks is the stubby bottle
. If its matters, the bottle I drank was not a classic stubby. 

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