Friday, August 30, 2013

Frostie Cherry Limeade soda

Frostie is a brand with rich history. In 1939, George Rackensperger rented an abandoned jailhouse in Maryland, with cells storing ingredients, and the garage for police vehicles for the actual bottling plant. The small size of his operation limited Rackensperger to just one flavor, root beer to begin. Though limited in marketing area, Frosty sales boomed. Eventually distributors requesting bottling ability, so Frosty became a franchise. In 1947, Frostie began to advertise and supply areas, and the brand grew beyond the Maryland area. Frostie's right were eventually bought by Leading Edge Brands, who then sold the rights to Intrastate Distributors Inc, from Detroit, Michigan. Along the franchising path, other soda flavors were added, and now the line includes diet root beer, cherry limeade, vanilla root beer, blue cream, orange and Concord grape. 

There is a pleasing fruity scent when opening, I'd say a maraschino cherry scent. Not sure I get a lime scent, but there are citrus undertones. Drinking it remind me a great deal of Shirley Temples and Shirley Temple sodas. That's not a bad thing, but labeled as it is, I expected something a little different. Its refreshing but I'd rather have a Saranac Shirley Temple. Would drink again, but I'd buy Saranac first.

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